Max and the Ghost

About the book

Sixteen-year-old Max is growing up in a dangerous world full of magic and murder, but his immediate worry is how much of his real self to reveal to his immigrant parents. Max’s brother Anton is doing the family proud by making a success of himself in America. He just got a deal on a fancy riverfront condo, but the apartment comes with some unadvertised features. When Anton offers Max a job to keep him away from his questionable friends, more than one secret will come to light.

About the author

E. P. Beaumont

E. P. Beaumont writes novels and stories that explore the turbulent boundary between the fantastic and the historical. Depending on whim of the Muse and prevailing winds, that can mean urban fantasy, magic realism, historical fiction, steampunk, science fiction, or literary fiction.

You can follow E. P. Beaumont on Twitter and check out their published work on their Amazon author page.

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Now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

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