Tales from the Inhabited Worlds

Welcome to the complex landscape of the Inhabited Worlds. Survivors of a failed terraforming project have developed a brilliant culture organized around music, dance, and safety. An immortal dictator rules a fortress planet. Sentient starships dance in space. Aristocratic clans vie for control of the Mother of Worlds. Rumored space pirates lurk at the margins. Three different cultures stand on the brink of catastrophic change, in these nine tales of politics, family relationships, star-crossed love, space battle, and would-be empire.

This collection of multicultural science-fiction stories introduces the world and characters of E. P. Beaumont’s forthcomingShip’s Heart Trilogy.

Contents: Headspace; Bad Parents; Poetics; The Starship Captain’s Songs of Home; Notes for the Memoirs of the First Galactic Emperor; Last Days of the Immortal;The Resurrection of Yasmin Sure-Hand; Voyage, Interrupted; A Diplomat’s Starship Diary.